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Mad Cow Terrorizes Memphis Neighborhood

Written by on September 20, 2022

MEMPHIS, Mo.- A cow that escaped from a local sale barn in Memphis, Missouri, has sent two men to the hospital after a rampage that terrorized a nearby neighborhood.

A cow that had recently shown aggressiveness had been taken to the Scotland County Livestock Auction for their weekly sale.  The cow was double-penned for safety, given the history of aggression, but the animal still managed to jump out and escape the enclosure of the facility.

The cow that escaped from Scotland County Livestock and attacked two Memphis men.
(Photo courtesy Scotland County Sheriff Bryan Whitney)

The cow proceeded east a few blocks to a residence near the intersection of Browning and McClintic streets.  There, local resident Jim McClintic was in his own yard collecting sticks that were a result of recent storm damage.  The cow appeared out of nowhere and attacked McClintic unprovoked.

This map indicates the scene of the attack on the east edge of Memphis.
(Photo Courtesy Scotland County Sheriff Bryan Whitney)

A local plumber, Marlin Oberholtzer of Memphis, was working in a house across the street from the McClintic residence and witnessed the attack.  He ran to the yard to rescue McClintic.  The cow had McClintic completely down on the ground at this point and was attacking him.  Oberholtzer was able to distract the cow and therefore save McClintic.  However, the cow then attacked Oberholtzer and got him down on the ground.  The animal repeatedly stomped the man in his chest as he was lying there.

As this was taking place, another Memphis resident, Nova Montgomery, was driving past the scene in her SUV.  When she saw what was taking place, she veered off the street, driving across a ditch and into McClintic’s yard to ram the cow with her vehicle to get the animal off Oberholtzer.  She then used the SUV to force the cow to flee the scene, thereby saving both men.

The SUV that Memphis resident Nova Montgomery used to save the two men from an attack from the rampaging cow.
(Photo Courtesy Scotland County Sheriff Bryan Whitney)

Scotland County Sheriff Bryan Whitney said a call came into the Scotland County Sheriff’s Department after 4 pm Tuesday afternoon reporting a “man vs animal incident”.  Whitney reports that he arrived on scene within three minutes of the call.  When he arrived, he found both victims and began to render first aid.  He also worked to secure the scene so that EMS personnel could attend to the patients without being attacked themselves.  Both McClintic and Oberholtzer were taken by Scotland County Ambulance to Scotland County Hospital for treatment of moderate injuries.

After EMS had cleared the scene, the Scotland County Sheriff’s Department, Memphis Police Department and the Missouri State Highway Patrol set up a perimeter in a tract of timber just east of Memphis city limits near the scene of the attack.  Authorities tracked the cow for two straight hours before it began to run back toward the scene of the initial attack. 

Sheriff Whitney got ahead of the cow so that he would have a safe shooting background and was able to safely kill the animal with two well-placed gunshotsjust before 6 pm.  He credits both Oberholtzer and Montgomery with saving lives with their actions.