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Storm Siren Failure Highlights Importance of Statewide Drill

Written by on March 8, 2022

MEMPHIS, Mo.- The Missouri Storm Siren Preparedness Drill was held Tuesday morning at 10 am.  The purpose of the drill is to give cities and municipalities an opportunity to test advance warning equipment that would be utilized in the event of a real emergency. 

As part of that drill, the Scotland County Sheriff’s Department and City of Memphis tested the two storm warning sirens located in the city.  One of the sirens is located at the north end of the Memphis Housing Authority and the other one is located just west of the Memphis square.  During that test, only one of the two sirens functioned correctly.

Scotland County Sheriff Bryan Whitney tells KMEM News that the siren just west of the square failed to activate.  City crews used a bucket truck to do basic troubleshooting on the siren, but were unable to rectify the issue.

Whitney says that this type of situation is exactly why the test is taken so seriously.  He explains that in light of the recent tornados that affected Iowa, it is extremely important to identify these issues before it becomes a matter of life and death.

He went on to say that a company based in Eldon, Missouri has been contacted and will be coming to Memphis in the next several days to make repairs to the system, weather permitting.  Once the repairs are complete, Whitney says there will be a repeat test of the storm siren system to ensure it is working properly.  He hopes that test can be completed next week, weather permitting.